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2016 04/04

Affiliate marketing success – brilliant tips on practice

Affiliate marketing is nowadays one of the most successful realms of marketing and we can see this tendency from the amount of funds that are invested in the realm. From this reason, it’s important to learn how to reach this affiliate success.

Let’s look at prehistory. The team had to work with two brands that ran on four markets and in three affiliate networks. The task was to gain constantly leading positions on publisher sites, reduce costs and increase the revenue.

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2016 31/03

Affiliate marketing in US in a nutshell

Affiliate marketing in the USA differs much from affiliate marketing in other countries. It’s essential to understand this difference at least on a basic level.

For example, 70% of offers in such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other CIS states arrive in partner networks. Affiliates in these countries buy the traffic (or offers) on CPC model that means they pay 2 USD and sell these offers (or traffic) for 3 USD (on CPA model). It makes up to 50% profit in these countries. Read more…

2016 28/03

What changes do ad blocking functionality bring to the market?

Since the release of iOS 9 by Apple, app developers now have an opportunity to create ad blocking functionality for Safari. With Samsung following suit and introducing ad blocking capabilities for its native browser, advertisers and developers now have something to worry about – while ad blocking on desktop computers is old news, blocking advertisements on mobile has never been as accessible as it is now.

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2016 24/03

Mobile advertising – smart spy tools to research your competitors

Mobile advertising is quite a tricky task when marketers are working hard on its efficiency. Targeting options, traffic sources and other parameters that marketers have to change and control can appear not appropriate and budget will be simply wasted. However, efficient ad campaigns exist, and more than that – is it quiterelistic to find information about them and use it as inspiration and good example. We are glad to mention four tools that can “spy” on your competitors and help you to think over your advertising campaign better.

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2016 21/03

How to finish your to-do list fast and productively

Everyone has tried using To-Do lists. Many of us use them every day. But how many of us are doing it efficiently? Maybe, you’ve heard it not once: “Work smarter, not harder”. That’s extremely important in our century of distractors and stress. Productivity matters and productivity does not correspond with the effort you’ve made. Sometimes a little effort is enough to reach impressing results while sometimes making strenuous effort doesn’t bring us to the result at all.

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