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2016 26/05

How to achieve high Retention Rate of the App?

App marketers usually focus on attracting as many new users to the app as possible, thinking that the number of users is the strongest pillar of success. However, what is demotivating of these users is that only 25% of them are recurrent. These days app advertisers are lean to move beyond just measuring app installs and become more focused on in-app behavior to promote engagement and retention. Thus, too many brands have yet to shift their focus away from acquisition towards retention.

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2016 23/05

How to choose the offer that will convert well?

It is of common knowledge that choice of offer is usually the crucial part to the entirety of the work, and regardless the attempts it would not be possible to make a bad offer convert well. It is thus of strict importance that random choices must not ever be made. Yet what needs to be done at first is the check of an offer’s track record.Read more…

2016 25/04

5 win-win mobile ad formats: how and where to use each one

While mobile advertising has become a very populardiscussion topic in the last few years, the concept of mobile ads and the question of what works best remain unclear. A lot of mobile marketers have to develop new trends, formats, and methods to keep the ads relevant, creative, and effective, and while their efforts don’t go unnoticed, there is still a lot to learn for both marketers, developers, and, of course, users. One of the most burning questions is the ad format. What kinds of formats are out there right now?Read more…

2016 21/04

Users demand high quality ads, or how to fit each user’s taste

The demand for high quality, relevant and user engaging ads has been growing for the past few years, and the recent study conducted by an ad tech firm only confirms that the market is in need for a change. By taking a closer look at the tastes and preferences of users, the researchers found that the only way to marketers to reach out to their customers is to increase their creativity and understanding of the audience’s needs.

As much as 40% of consumers have come to expect a higher level of relevance in mobile ads, compared to advertisements on other platforms. Read more…

2016 18/04

5 essential tips for making your mobile website load significantly faster

Opening a website on your smartphone and waiting for ages for it to fully load, particularly when you’re using your cellular connection instead of Wi-Fi, is a rather negative mobile experience and can lead to some users never opening that website again. In a perfect world mobile websites should open as quickly as their desktop twins; however, that is not the case with most mobile websites studied during the recent research.

There are many reasons why fast opening is essential for your website to be successful. Read more…

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