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2017 31/01

Methods to cloak affiliate links

Managing cloaking affiliate links is possible by means of several methods allowing the redirection. What are the reasons for that? Read more…

2017 27/01

What is the best way to calculate DAU/MAU ratio?

The proportion between Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU) allows to calculate the frequency with which users are engaged with the app. DAU estimates the number of users engaged with the app in one calendar day. MAU estimates the number of users engaged with the app within 1 month. Basically, the ratio of DAU to MAU is nothing but a correlation of monthly active users who use the app within 24 hours. Read more…

2017 24/01

Mobile serves half of online ad revenue in United States

Today, mobile turns out to be the source of half of all online advertising content. The total revenues demonstrate the significant growth up to 19.1%, increasing from $27.5 to $32.7 during the last half year. Read more…

2017 20/01

What affiliates should know about mobile user habits?

There are approximately 3.5 app downloads performed by mobile users each month, while half of those users feel no need in app. All in all, the average adult mobile user downloads apps twice per month.
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2017 17/01

Glossary tips for affiliate marketers

Adwool affiliate network attracts many new aspiring affiliates in search of higher incomes. Here is a handful glossary making it easier for rookies to go into details

Also known as merchant, advertiser provides products or services for a further promotion by affiliates.


Acts as merchant’s products or services promoter to receive compensations resulting in leads or sales.
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