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2017 03/01

How ad blockers affect affiliate marketing?

According to the report presented by Blockmetry, approximately 62.9% of mobile traffic is affected by ad blocking. By comparison, the web traffic of desktop reaches 50.6%, and 21% in case of any impact caused by ad blockers. By tablets the web traffic is estimated at 9.5%, and 4.4% in case of being affected by ad blockers. Read more…

2016 29/12

Why ‘active users’ parameter is a part of vanity metrics

In fact, ‘active’ is a synonym of a vanity metric. For example, Daily or Monthly Active Users (DAU/MAU) belong to the metrics when customers are marked as ‘active’ and the online activity demonstrates the positive tendency. By comparison, ‘inactive’ user state has the opposite meaning and stands for the negative online activity. Read more…

2016 26/12

Reasons why advertisers are capping campaigns

Why capping strategy is so popular among advertisers? The reason for that hides in the unlimited traffic of the campaign, what leads to the unlimited number of leads. Nevertheless, not all advertisers focus on the same strategy, some of them prefer to restrict the number of dialogues in the campaign. There can be several reasons for that:
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2016 23/12

List of things affiliate marketers should be grateful for

  1. Modern tools that make life easier

For a long time, the ways of communication with customers were limited by mail, TV commercials, magazine ads, press media and out-of-home advertising. Those methods did not even allow a one-to-one relationship with the current and potential buyers.
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2016 20/12

Mobile affiliate marketing tips for 2017 from Adwool

Adwool has analyzed main tips and tricks for being successful in the mobile affiliate market in 2017. Find out 7 most important steps, which will help you to improve and be at the top of the game. Read more…

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