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2016 19/12

The best way to conduct affiliate marketing during holiday season

The very peak of the 2016 holiday season is the high time to keep your app marketing to the fullest extent. Looking back at the same period in the year 2015, the marketers prepared some useful tips you can use to survive the Q4 rush.
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2016 28/09

Ad campaigns on Instagram: 5 steps guide

Instagram is a powerful social platform that connects millions of people every day and numbers up to 500 million active users per month. It’s a great opportunity for a marketer to show up his product. Here is a simple pipeline for a successful ad campaign. Read more…

2016 22/09

Problem of mobile advertisers: what do consumers want?

Advertisers and consumers have different views on mobile advertising. While mobile advertisers find things they deliver to the consumers positive, consumers assess these things as negative and irritating experience. Read more…

2016 20/09

Marketing lesson from Pokemon GO

There is no person who hasn’t heard about Pokémon GO – a game that has gained popularity just in a week after release. The main idea is to catch pokemons in real life using augmented reality technology. Encouraged teenagers and curious adults spend time wandering around to catch a new pokemon, walk some extra kilometers a day to hatch a pokemon egg, competing for a Gym. So, what can this app teach experienced marketers?Read more…

2016 15/09

Valuable tips how to scale advertising campaign

Scaling advertising campaign sometimes turns into a complicated task although it may seem quite simple from the outset. There are 3 common ways of organizing such campaign: adding more traffic sources, organizing more campaigns or running a campaign over more than one traffic account but on the same source.Read more…

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