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2017 02/03

Native ads: definition, examples & directions

It is difficult to miss an increasing fuss surrounding native advertising if you are somehow in the affiliate marketing. Despite the fact that all media experts express the opinion concerning it and its popularity, nobody can explain with certainty what is native advertising.
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2017 27/02

Things affiliates should know in the age of mobile reign

Due to the fast development of mobile media consumption among present generation, publishers and advertisers have to consider how to update their marketing and monetization policy to keep up with the times.

Today studies show that young Americans and those, who have a better level of income use smartphones more frequently than their fellow citizens. Moreover, studies show that almost 11% of all Americans use their smartphones as the one and only source of the Internet. These solid facts cause new challenges and problems for any ad-supported publisher.Read more…

2017 23/02

In-app ads vs. mobile web advertising

Absolutely clear that mobile appears to be the main source for content consumption in the near future. It is in-app time what seizes the mobile web world mainly. This must be a good sign for advertisers. But, as everything else, it has its own advantages and disadvantages which influence both environments equally. If you depend on the budget only, then it is extremely important to study the pros and cons in details to make a right choice.
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2017 17/02

Checklist for a successful affiliate campaign

Whether you are an experienced affiliate or are only about to launch your first affiliate campaign, you need to consider many fundamental issues as well as bring many things together to benefit from your successfully running offers. The task is not as easy as it may seem at first sight.  We will clarify some major issues for you.
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2017 14/02

What does new mobile search index from Google carries for us?

SEO tactics and strategies seem to be changed in the nearest future. The way we use it today may appear to be of no use considering mobile search index changes already announced by Google. However, it does not mean that you will not be able to deliver an award-winning mobile users’ experience without any unnecessary attention from Google. Here are some useful tips to make both sides happy.
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