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2014 27/12

7 Ways for Successful Mobile Promotion

Mobile internet usage is constantly growing. The index of usage has grown by 70 percent recently and it is going to increase because of the expanding of 4G and data price drop.
The evolvement of mobile internet usage gives the affiliate marketers excellent possibilities to buy high-quality traffic from advertising networks which deal with the huge variety of nets with the low customer demands.

Mobile internet is the sphere where affiliate marketers can reach great success. But still they have to remember about cautiousness, if they achieve success.
Keeping this in mind, I would like to share several tips with you for efficient promotion of mobile offers.

1. Secure enough funds.
Mobile campaigns are often held with pausing or reactivating because of the budget deficit and changes in marketing strategy. You can save time by securing sufficient funds, for this reason it is necessary to have close relations with your affiliate marketer and inform him beforehand about your demands.

2. Usage of mobile banners.
Mobile banners are necessary for everybody, who uses mobile phones. Make sure that the banner you use contains all necessary information, but avoid the data overload. Also make sure that you use large enough action buttons. It should be easy for users to click them.

3. Understand the market.
If you serve the users in the unfamiliar location, you should make the market research beforehand in order to understand your customers, their needs and demands. Geographical aspect has a great meaning for successful mobile campaign, although it is not so significant for desktop campaign for instance.

4. Optimize pages for mobile usage.
It’s unbelievable, but some affiliate marketers still use landing pages which are not optimized for the mobile usage. Make sure that the landing page of your site is optimized according to the needs of the devices you are trying to target. If the landing page you use is not optimized, eliminate this spelling.

5. Keep tracking.
Mobile advertising networks offer traffic of different quality. Try to track your advertising campaign till its placement. Many of the advertising networks allow users to optimize the non-performing or pausing placements. You will be able to track the functioning of your platform during the whole period of its service. It is also essential to deal with the fake traffic, which is spread through mobile networks.

6. Test chosen mobile networks.
Before placement of your mobile advertising campaign, try to track several mobile advertising networks so that to check the performance of every net. Testing and tracking of the advertising campaign and its delivery is very important for the reason of different inventory provided by different networks.

7. Cooperate only with mobile advertising marketers.
Some affiliate companies are just starting to become mobile. Some of them have more experience in this field than the others do. Mobile advertising campaigns should be held by the other means in comparison with the desktop for instance. Promotion of your advertising campaign depends on the knowledge, opportunities and experience provided by chosen network partners.

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