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2016 04/04

Affiliate marketing success – brilliant tips on practice

Affiliate marketing is nowadays one of the most successful realms of marketing and we can see this tendency from the amount of funds that are invested in the realm. From this reason, it’s important to learn how to reach this affiliate success.

Let’s look at prehistory. The team had to work with two brands that ran on four markets and in three affiliate networks. The task was to gain constantly leading positions on publisher sites, reduce costs and increase the revenue.

Everything was done in some steps.

Centralization.This was the first thing to do. The whole team was going to run a big project, so that it was necessary to concentrate the work under one roof. Indeed, the whole affiliate activity was also moved to the single self-platform. After that, monitoring of affiliate activity became easier and a need to pay to the middle-men disappeared.

Efficiency.It appeared that efficiency doesn’t grow with the quantity of affiliates. Actually, minority of the affiliates usually leads. Therefore, after centralization, the team brought only the most successful affiliates to the platform. This step allowed to evaluate needs of the client better, to see in which sectors affiliates are required and to use different incentives, tie-ins and so on in order to make the campaign work more efficiently.

Test it! When the amount of affiliates lessened, the team got an ability to test complimentary marketing channels.

Client.The team pays attention to the fact that their client was smart from the outset. Using new strategies to get the good results was doubtful sometimes but it worked

Relationship.TThe last but not least point is relations you build with yourpartners. It may seem vague but it’s sometimes appears to be the most essential part of the whole business. Try to keep warm friendly relations with your partners and be sure that you have already reached 40% of success.

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