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2015 01/06

Amazing Growth of Mobile App Development


Israel’s technology sector has encountered astonishing development lately, which prompted the nation acquiring the mantle of Startup Nation. Actually, 2014 was a record year for Israel’s tech scene with almost $15 billion in acquisitions and IPOs. Mobile application advancement is one range that is seeing astonishing development — and things don’t appear to be easing of.

Here is Top 5 Israeli companies with highest overseas performance (both App Store and Google Play) according to the report ‘David vs. Goliath: Israeli Publishers Taking on the World’

By downloads:

  1. TabTale
  2. Scoompa
  3. Deemedya
  4. 27/7 Apps
  5. a.i.type

By revenue:

  1. TabTale
  2. Plarium Global
  3. InfiApps
  4. Jelly Button
  5. Lighttricks

Also it is really astoundingly to see that United States is the primary business for both downloads and revenue for Israeli publishers, the disproportionality of its share is striking. Except the United States, the greatest revenue­-generating markets for the Israeli publishers are Russia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

So as you can see, the application improvement group in Israel has created some significant triumphs as of now and hints at no easing off.

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