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2014 01/11

Best Affiliate Marketing Solutions or How to Reach Success in 2015

Let’s review the most powerful affiliate trends of 2014 in order to understand what to wait from 2015.
Affiliated marketing as a branch of industry is already 20 years old. The 1st affiliate marketing campaign started in 1994 and since then a long path has been passed. The year of 2014 was marked by the outstanding growth of the part of affiliate marketing business, even higher than it was expected.

Predictions for affiliate marketing growth in 2014

2014 was the year of several predictions regarding the growth of affiliate marketing business. Some of the predictions were put into life. Among those predictions are:
1. The power of affiliate networks will be tested by mobile commerce.
In 2014 we faced “Black November”, when the strength of affiliate networks was truly tested by mobile traffic. It has reached the rate of 37 percent for clicks and 21 percent for sales. Those figures increased by Thanksgiving to 46 and 26 percent reflectively.
Huge potential of e-commerce is still increasing. The expenses of the affiliate marketing are going to outreach the ones of the paid search and reach 16.7 percent till 2016.
2. The advertisers will get a chance to optimize affiliate marketing business with the extraneous digital channels.
In 2014 we saw that there were additional advantages for successful affiliate campaign. For instance, the usage of the united framework gives the opportunity to get the idea about the results of the performance, to enhance the visibility so that to make the publishers an integral part of the multi-touchpoint way and to give better understanding of the affiliate business part in the whole marketing strategy.
The possibility to combine channels gives the opportunity to check their cohesive cooperation and their part in consumer conversion. This gives marketers a chance to optimize their media resources in order to convince more companies to use omni-channel marketing approach.
3. Customer experience will develop with the growth of data.
We have seen the necessity of cooperation between marketers and data scientists so that to get full and deep data analysis in time. That was only the beginning of data progress. The more actual data you have, the better analysis you can do in order to make correct investments using available information. Full and correct data dictates rules to brands and allocates the most valuable affiliates.

What else we got from 2014

We had the opportunity to see the growth of the other customer habits during the holiday season. We had the opportunity to set off true winners with the culmination during “Black November”, when retailers had started their deals on Black Friday and continued them all through the weekend. On the whole, November retail sales increased by 5.4 percent comparing with the previous year, according to data from ShopperTrak, a company which analyses shopping activity in the stores.
Furthermore, the customers could not imagine their lives without mobile devices even on holidays. Most of the customers prefer to check the product online and only after this to go to the store in order to see it live. But there are still the customers who prefer to see the product in the stores at first. According to the data from the Harris poll, 69 percent prefer webrooming (web check) and 46 percent still prefer showrooming (live check in stores).

What to wait from 2015

We can see that the advertisers have understood the true value of the affiliate marketing, so we hope to see continued growth of the industry in 2015. Now we offer you to check our 5 tips for the year 2015.
1. Leverage data.
The affiliate marketing business continues to grow rapidly, so the other distractions will also take place in 2015. The process of affiliate marketing will become more complicated with the growth of new technologies and tools. Full and correct data is the only way to make affiliate marketing clear. It has to become the main key in marketing strategy. As an effort to make more effective marketing, we need to find truly dedicated analysts who will leverage the data and make marketing process easier. To leverage data is a key to building of the successful affiliate campaign.
2. Correct strategy is on the first place.
In 2015 it is better to use affiliate channels in order to build strategic relationships. Publishers will represent the interests of the consumers and from now they can be used as a discovery tool for advertisers. Advertisers will use publishers for promotion and the difference between them will be erased over time.
Although it is necessary to use marketing trends in order to improve an affiliate marketing business, it is also important to remember about the core goal of the affiliate business itself. We all want to be more competitive and it is easy to forget about your main purpose in this competitive race. Stay focused on the main strategy of your business and optimize it according to the new trends if necessary.
3. Understand your customers.
The process of shopping is becoming more complicated and at the same time easier from day to day. People can use several devices and expect that they will be able to get the same possibilities for each of them (the same content, functions etc.). It is proved that people use TV, computers and smartphones simultaneously for their shopping.
A recent research showed that 28 percent begin their shopping on one device and finish it on the other one. In order to satisfy the customers, marketers need to provide them with the full support on all devices. It is important to know consumer’s insights and habits for this.
Think about what consumers want and you will reach success. All customers want to get individual approach and to be treated like their choice really matters. Do you really know your consumers, who they are, where they are from?
4. Make full circle marketing strategy.
It is necessary to optimize your marketing strategy based on the connections of the different activities with each other. Different publishers make different value. The affiliate marketing strategy has to innovate and develop so that to satisfy increasing demands of the customers according to their shopping experience.
5. Think globally.
You need to think further than home base, if you want your marketing campaign to be effective and successful. It was predicted that e-commerce sales would reach 1.5 trillion USD in 2014. If you haven’t done it already, it’s the best time to check all possible opportunities in order to scale your business. Online sellers are developing new markets and they are continuing to grow. Many of them will look for the appropriate affiliate channel in order to support their marketing strategy.

As you can understand from the article, it is quite easy to build effective marketing strategy. We have touched the main points for 2015. If you have something to add, please, share your opinion with us.

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