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2017 17/02

Checklist for a successful affiliate campaign

Whether you are an experienced affiliate or are only about to launch your first affiliate campaign, you need to consider many fundamental issues as well as bring many things together to benefit from your successfully running offers. The task is not as easy as it may seem at first sight.  We will clarify some major issues for you.

Vital Things to Start With

  1. Make sure you have some liquid capital to run various affiliate offers and programs to test them and choose the one that suits you best. Many networks comes with test offers letting you decide on which is the best bet for you. It appears that some rookies spend thousands of bucks on training material but do not have a couple of dollars left to run the test. This is a common mistake.
  2. While some still prefer using SAAS platforms, one would hardly argue that web hosting is probably the best solution. You will always need a reliable place to upload differed materials, files and folders.
  3. Domains are of the same importance as web hosting. Yu should never underestimate their role as many rookies do. There is nothing wrong in having several domain names at the same time. Three would be more than enough considering you have a landing page, general website and tracker.
  4. Whenever you want your campaign to run successfully, you need to track it regularly. This is where you may need reliable tracking software ensuring great results produced by ROIs.
  5. Choosing a proper network is the last but not the least. You are the one to choose those who will pay you. Make sure they are reliable, effective and trustworthy.

Additional Advantages

  1. Create a catchy and informative landing page to attract as many potential customers as possible. Make sure you target the right audience. There is nothing wrong in learning from competitors who have already gained success. You will never run a successful campaign without a landing page.
  2. Pick up some fundamental Photoshop skills to deal with graphics. Try to deliver a visualized version of your product or service attracting more customers. Draw charts and graphics too stress the key benefits of the promoted issues.
  3. Proceed with the competitive research and discover your main competitors in a particular vertical or niche. You can benefit from various spy programs and software letting you go deep into details.
  4. Research geos to identify the target demographic. Do not forget about other crucial issues when it comes to mobile devices. They generally include OS, device carriers, operators, network providers and more.

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