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2017 09/01

Finding the time to get rich with affiliate marketing

The opinion most people share is that it requires plenty of time to get started with affiliate marketing. It’s hard to imagine that someone can be busy round-the-clock. At the same time, even a couple of hours per week can be a good start on the way to earning extra cash or changing the entire career orientation.

Let’s say you have four hours per week which you can devote to affiliate marketing (you’ll definitely find even more time than that). Perharps you have already found the interesting niche and even bought a personal domain. So, what’s next?

During the first week you need to download WordPress, specify the Thesis theme, get acquainted with Joost de Valk’s guidelines and find a proper implementation to them on your website.

During the second week you build out your website and create the wireframe, namely the blank pages for all potential sections on the website, including those with content and categories.

Within the following two or three weeks you start adding the quality content. Then it will take two hours each week to fill out the pages with some interesting content and two hours each week to develop quality links. If by any chance you have more time, try to split it between all tasks equally.

Where to find enough time?

Now, we are back to the question asked at the very beginning. Saying you do not have time is just an excuse for the reason you do not want to admit. Instead of thinking how to find time, try to figure out where it can be found. What about that TV show you try not to miss from Monday to Friday? Let yourself miss a couple of episodes and you will receive two more hours to spend on your website development. Also, try to reduce your sleeping hours. It wouldn’t hurt to wake up one hour earlier or going to bed one hour later. In addition, reduce those hours you waste on social networks like Twitter or Facebook in half.

As you see, small changes bring extra hours for building an affiliate business. An excuse “I don’t have time” does not work anymore. Live that way to prove you can do anything to reach the desired result.

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