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2017 03/01

How ad blockers affect affiliate marketing?

According to the report presented by Blockmetry, approximately 62.9% of mobile traffic is affected by ad blocking. By comparison, the web traffic of desktop reaches 50.6%, and 21% in case of any impact caused by ad blockers. By tablets the web traffic is estimated at 9.5%, and 4.4% in case of being affected by ad blockers.

There’s nothing left but to determine that ad blocking on the mobile level increases its volumes at fast pace. However, it doesn’t mean there is no way to control it. Measures are being conducted to reduce the impact of ad blocking. Thus, marketers and publishers identified some methods allowing to keep the audience engaged and interested in the product.

Have you ever asked yourself what raises the interest in ad blocking? In fact, ad blocking software warns marketers about possible defects in mobile advertising campaigns, and at the same time suggests some innovations. Even though, the formats can be different, the challenge of creativity remains the same.

The format of mobile videos is already a successful method for increasing the amount of views. The data from the recent report indicated that 37.0% of men are more likely to catch mobile ad information in comparison to women’s 17.3%.

Ad blocking involves the app level and in-app ads which are expected to demonstrate the further growth by 2018. Considering the fact that marketers become even more skillful, they started offering in-game extra benefits for gamers as the possible payment for ad views. This useful trick is oriented on result, as the US mobile device users spend more time in-app rather than in browsers.

The key objective is to find the best techniques and methods for addressing the mobile audience. The requirements are referred to brands and retailers who are suggested to modify their websites to correspond to Google standards and guarantee a better mobile app experience. Furthermore, advertising campaigns are served by cross-device to appeal to even bigger audience.

To cut to the chase, mobile app marketing concept should be based on the creative approach, while the industry should protect the mobile device data in order to satisfy customers’ needs and continue using ad blockers.

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