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2017 09/02

How to measure user’s activity in mobile gaming?

Although considered as relatively new in terms of analysis, gaming metrics is a promising field appreciated by both developers and affiliate marketers. The following glossary will let you get involved in the world of gaming metrics with ease.

An event is any action performed by a user. It may include game sessions, starts and finishes, upgrades, new inventory purchase, bonuses, achievements, awards, etc.

DAU highlights a number of unique gamers that use your products within the last 24 hours. Even if the same player starts the game for the second time in arrow, he or she will not be treated as a unique user.

MAU is actually the same metrics with only one slight difference. It shows a number of monthly unique users that perform different actions within a 30-day period.

The ratio results in dividing the two above-mentioned metrics to show unique users converted to percentages. In other words, you will always keep in touch with a number of monthly players ensuring a healthy growth or the necessity to change the promotion strategy.

The metrics shows the average income per a unique user converted to a percentage. It divides the total number of players by the total income. In other words, you will have a clear picture of the revenue you main gain considering your existing users’ base as well as the ability to plan an efficient strategy for the enter year and compare it with the previous one.

This metrics will let you evaluate the efficiency and costs of your future relations with potential and existing players. Its main idea is to highlight the acquisition cost if compared to the revenue from customers.

Cohort Analysis
This metrics highlights a specific group of players or users who feature the same attributes. Developers and advertisers can enable the tracking process to reveal all details and stats on a particular player’s attrition as well.

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