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2016 11/04

How will the mobile gaming industry change in 2016? Top 3 predictions

The total revenue of the smartphone gaming market in 2015 was an incredible $29 billion, and in 2016 this number is only expected to grow. With the mobile devices evolving every year and new monetization opportunities appearing, making any predictions about how the mobile gaming industry will change in a year from now is barely possible; however, there are several things that will most likely happen in the world of gaming and monetization.

Mobile branding will become even more important

In the recent years the cost of user acquisition has grown significantly; so have the marketing budgets in the industry. With the assortment of mobile games being published every day, it’s safe to say that game studios will work on the quality of their games instead of quantity, putting focus on games that can be easily expanded and upgraded. Publishers will also benefit from this trend by bringing their ROI to an optimal amount and securing the brand’s position on the market. Celebrity endorsed games are also expected to continue this development, following into the footsteps of the famous Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game.

Aim towards connectivity

One of the most important discoveries in the mobile gaming industry of 2015 was that multiplayer gaming design is a very effective method of boosting monetization. The social, competitive nature of the gaming industry can be a moving force of increasing revenue from games while giving the players an opportunity to enjoy the social aspect of gaming. Clan system is also expected to get a certain boost to encourage discussion within the game ecosystem.

F2P model will continue to dominate

A single look at the gaming charts of 2015 will reveal a prominent trend: free-to-play monetization model can be found in all of the year’s most popular games with the exception of Minecraft. Although other monetization models have proved their effectiveness in certain cases, the reign of F2P is not going anywhere in 2016. Another big trend to expect this year is the growth of genre-bending games, which are also leaning towards promoting the F2P model.

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