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2015 07/06

iOS and video ads are the leaders in holding mobile games players attention

AppsFlyer has introduced the Gaming Performance Index report, a research taking into account 50 million paid application installations in the middle of February and March this year. Amongst the discoveries, the report emphasized that iOS games hold players consideration for significantly more than Android, and video advertising are the best at holding players interest.
Talking about player retention on Android and iOS, the research detected that iOS was in front of Android from the very beginning, when it the retention rate was 8% higher. Following a week, that figure expanded to 32%, and following 30 days, it was up to an amazing 72%.
In other info, AppsFlyer additionally indicates iOS has a 26% higher retention rate when contrasting video networks, a 28% higher figure for in-application networks, and 47% higher for social networks. But, regarding looking at affiliate and incentivised networks, Android overcomes out over iOS, where the previous tracks at 87% and the last at 74%.
AppsFlyer additionally outlines player retention taking into account looking at video network execution on iOS. Video beats social, in-application, and most outstandingly non-feature content every time. Social is its nearest rival at +10%, while its indicated to be 17% more viable than in-application advertisements. At last, the information shows maintenance is a huge 130% than non-feature advertisements.



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