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2017 05/01

Mobile app advertisers within the emerging markets

The modern market includes BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), as well as Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc. Recently, smartphone penetration has also increased in Brazin, Nigeria and Mexico.

The first and probably the biggest barrier to the growth is slow networks and high prices on mobile internet. Apparently, that’s the reason why many phones on the market still have feature phones.

According to the data presented by eMarketer, the number of smartphone users in APAC increases on the regular basis. For instance, in Indonesia the national government launched a roll-out of broadband services in more than 500 municipals what caused the unexpected growth of smartphone consumption.

The global forecast predicts that almost 69% of smartphone usage will belong to Russia and 52% to China by the year 2018. Thus, costs spent on mobile devices in China can reach over $40bn. In addition, Brazil doubled its ad spending from $1bn to $2.6bn by 2018. The same tendency of ad development can be noticed in Mexico and in India. At the same time, Indonesia demonstrates one of the most substantial growth from $323m to over $1.4bn within a couple of years.

Where the money can be invested?

The political and economic instability can hardly serve as the best motivator for business activity. Nevertheless, Latin and Central America, as well as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia refer to the long-term options, attractive to marketers and advertisers.

What would be the best approach to reach the market?

  • Specify your mobile infrastructure.

Just keep in mind that WiFi and feature phones remain the major operating tool of any industry. SMS, media marketing and advertising should also be taken into account.

  • Possible monitoring problem.

Not all local platforms support ads and independent tags, thus, it’s recommended to deal with platform reports instead.

  • Consider the local laws and traditions.

The knowledge of local regulations can increase the chances of the mobile campaign success.

  • Encourage local support.

Get some help from the local marketing agencies, which can help to see the market from inside out.

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