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2017 02/03

Native ads: definition, examples & directions

It is difficult to miss an increasing fuss surrounding native advertising if you are somehow in the affiliate marketing. Despite the fact that all media experts express the opinion concerning it and its popularity, nobody can explain with certainty what is native advertising.

The most illustrative example of a native ad is advertorial. This form of advertising is one of the crucial parts of the print-based market even now. However, in the digital world, you can develop your ideas, even further, making them more interesting and original. The main feature of native ads is their invisibility. They seamlessly join the platform and don’t disturb users from looking through the medium.

What is so Special About Native Ads?

The main reason for affiliates to choose native ads is the ability to establish a closer relationship with your target audience. One more interesting fact is that statistics show that native ads are more viewed (almost 54% higher than traditional advertising) and shareable (over 31% higher than traditional one). But what is more impressive is that native ads appear to be the best method to beat ad-blocker software. They also help you to monitor content, which has a noticeable trend at that very moment.

Does Native Advertising Have Any Disadvantages?

Searching for any information about native ads, you can find a lot of articles claiming that such kind of advertisement isn’t a good choice because of its repelling effect when marketers try to present ad as content. But as it was mentioned before, statistics testify to the opposite. Experts suggest you making sure that your ad message is in general agreement with the tone of the chosen platform.

Steps to Go Native

  • First of all, you must find out what are the most popular platforms among your target customers. You can’t just choose the best platform if it doesn’t correspond to the interest of your target market.
  • Secondly, choose whether you need a closed platform like Facebook or an open one like Taboola. If you want something for extremely targeted messages, then you definitely need to choose the closed platforms.
  • And finally, don’t forget to adjust your plan to the outcomes.

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