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2016 07/04

Not getting conversions? Look for a reason ‘why’

You are making endless efforts but still don’t get any conversions. Is it familiar to you? There is a list of the most widespread mistakes people make, when striving to get conversions.

The Offer has been Taken Down. It seems obvious but hard to identify, so that one can promote an offer effortlessly, though it is down. Affiliates usually receive notifications that the offer is down but sometimes advertisers do not notify the affiliates. To check whether the offer is down, you can use your affiliate link by yourself. If it doesn’t load the right landing page, the offer is down.

The Link is Broken. For example, if you are using 3d party tracking software, the link format can be messed up and therefore not functioning. So, check whether your landing page is loading and if it isn’t, contact the Affiliate manager.

Not Enough Traffic. Sometimes we want the results asap but this is not a good sign. Sometimes runnung a lot of campaigns at the same time show that and some of them bring the conversion right away, while other show no activity at all or just plenty of clicks and no conversions. Don’t get nervous. Just set up your campaign and go for a walk.

The Offers and the Traffic. Let’s think of the offers and the traffic in a simple way. Traffic is represented by people and offers are represented by products or services. This means that if your offers do not correspond with traffic, they will not convert with the traffic source. Make sure that you do not offer male enhancement pills when your traffic is predominantly represented by women.

Weak Landing Page. If you send traffic to the lading page and it doesn’t convert well, you have a weak landing page. It doesn’t mean someone intentionally made it weak but this reason can underlie absence of conversions. Sometimes call to action is able to compensate an entire weakness of the page.

Wrong Postback. This reason seems to be funny but it is still very widespread. Publisher may get conversions with the postback setup wrong, so that 3d party software doesn’t show the conversions when the do exist but flow in vain.

Bad Traffic Source. Actually, some traffic sources are efficient and some of them – not. The best way out is to do a Google search before using a certain traffic source. Comments can be useful.

To sum up, don’t give up if the traffic is not converting. Every marketer can be a winner today and a loser the next day. Iа you are not sure how to set up your campaign correctly – contact us and let’s make money together with ADWOOL team!

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