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2016 06/06

Affiliate marketing hints: from rags to riches

If you want to start your associate marketing business you must use reliable experience of marketing professionals and study hints to avoid similar problems they faced. First of all, remember that there is no need to assign for an affiliate network at the very beginning. It’s recommended to analyze and estimate the existing and available options as well as the steps of other colleagues in this sphere. Keep researching, see what others are saying about the same case, read comments on relevant forums and blogs. Gathered information may help to work out and shape the corresponding efforts to achieve a goal.Read more…

2016 02/06

Programmatic methods in mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is purposed to find new clients mobile product and for togain profit from it. As traditional ways like banner ads for ad revenue potentially dry up, new ways like native advertising will continue to emerge. It’s important to estimate the place of ads displaying with close similarity and applicability in relation to the corresponding platform where it is promoted. It can come in a variety of forms such as online advertorials (which look like editorial content but are required to be marked as sponsored content), online videos, sponsored social media posts, and in-feed ads. Marketers, here are listed tips to make your mobile advertising successful.Read more…

2016 31/05

Targeting dimensions for promotional campaigns

Almost all people nowadays are engaged into mobile world. It should be clear that engagement has significant differences between the usage of PC and a mobile together with the involvement of users for each of the platforms. Here we try to analyze the standards of measures which would allow for opportunities to enlarge customers for any promotional campaign.

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2016 26/05

How to achieve high Retention Rate of the App?

App marketers usually focus on attracting as many new users to the app as possible, thinking that the number of users is the strongest pillar of success. However, what is demotivating of these users is that only 25% of them are recurrent. These days app advertisers are lean to move beyond just measuring app installs and become more focused on in-app behavior to promote engagement and retention. Thus, too many brands have yet to shift their focus away from acquisition towards retention.

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2016 23/05

How to choose the offer that will convert well?

It is of common knowledge that choice of offer is usually the crucial part to the entirety of the work, and regardless the attempts it would not be possible to make a bad offer convert well. It is thus of strict importance that random choices must not ever be made. Yet what needs to be done at first is the check of an offer’s track record.Read more…

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