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2016 14/04

Scaling your campaign: 3 little-known yet effective tricks you should learn

Scaling a campaign is one of the most complex things affiliates face in the process. The first thing that comes to mind is increasing the number of traffic sources or implementing the same mechanisms on multiple campaigns, but the truth is that these methods don’t always prove to be as successful as affiliates want – mainly due to certain roadblocks ad campaigns inevitably face. For example, transferring one ad format to multiple campaigns will not always work for numerous reasons: demographics, placement, traffic quality, etc. Moreover, the lack of testing for a campaign can also result in underwhelming results. Today you’ll learn about three popular ways to scale your campaign.

Adding more locations

While expanding the campaign to more countries is something every developer goes through, this process is much more complex than just transferring the ad. The most common problems you could face in this case are incorrect translations and lack of knowledge about which traffic sources demonstrate the best performance in this particular location. To avoid this roadblock in your campaign, devote some time to studying the location, its audience, publishers, platforms, and traffic sources.

Why caps are bad for campaigns

If you have even a minimal experience in advertising, you already know what caps are. They are a limitation for the number of hits or sales per a certain period of time. There are soft caps and hard caps – in case a soft case is imposed on your campaign, if you go over the limit, you will still get paid, while a hard cap means you will not get paid for the sales that exceed the limit. Although the hard cap isn’t used as frequently as the soft one, it can still do a lot of harm to the campaign. Have backup ads at hand, so that you could always run a substitute campaign when the main one reached the cap.

Get some help

If you’re the only one who manages your campaign, you may soon find yourself buried under endless commitments and concerns. Scaling ad campaigns requires a lot of time and effort, so it makes sense to find someone to share the workload with. If you want to work on 5 campaigns at a time, it means that you’ll need to work 5 times harder, which is not something even the most experienced affiliate can do. Avoid being exhausted by your work and outsource some of your duties to a trustworthy employee.

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