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2015 02/01

The Affiliate Marketing Needs More Innovations in 2015

In this article we will try to provide full analysis of the main affiliate marketing trends of the year 2014 and make predictions for its development in 2015.

2014: more cautious internet users and web advertising
2014 is the year of the growing popularity of the internet. A lot of people spend much time online. They show their true interest in the e-commerce. Nevertheless, they are more cautious in their habits and insights. Nowadays customers prefer to compare several brands and to check the approach of the chosen brands to them.
Advertisers allocate increasing part of the promotion budget to affiliate marketing needs. At the same time they work with the very cautious approach. The search of the most appropriate marketing channels remains vital in the budgetary policy.

Modern advertisers and agencies show us more measured approach regarding the affiliating mechanisms. 2014 has been marked as the year of increasing demands to the implemented affiliating systems. Everything, including recommendations, reports, profiles, used technologies etc., has to be checked very carefully before the usage.

Complex cooperation and mobile commerce: 2014 main affiliation trends
We can distinguish 3 main affiliation trends in the management of the marketing programs of the year 2014:
2014 has changed the sources of the delivery: performance-based models were on top among the publishers and new technologies. The publishers decided to use optimized technologies, such as automated buying and retargeting. Such approach led to the beginning of more complex cooperation with the publishers. Since then such cooperation has become more technical and much longer to incarnate. On the other hand, such methods have proved their efficiency and the ability to make contribution into the affiliation base renewal.
Affiliation mechanisms had to reckon with the mobile environment because of the constant growth of the smartphones’ extension. For example, mobile traffic of an affiliation mechanism based on the e-mailing is usually at least 10% higher in comparison with the total actions on the advertiser’s website.
2015: in search for affiliation innovations

In 2015 advertisers will not be able to ignore the technical progress and the opportunities it will create. It is important to create modern platforms which will be technically ready to improve and become a part of the new marketing models. Our company has created several solutions so that to combine mobile and social environments.
Platforms have to use modern innovations in an effort to find new tools and mechanisms for data measurement and management and so on. They will be able to accept the challenge only in case if they can offer new functional content.

The CEO of our company thinks that modern market needs a highly-developed affiliation marketing sector more than ever. New marketing strategies have to find the best integration and innovation tools according to the demands of the internet users. In 2015 the affiliate marketing has to be activated. These are the main points of the global growth of the whole industry.

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