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2017 27/02

Things affiliates should know in the age of mobile reign

Due to the fast development of mobile media consumption among present generation, publishers and advertisers have to consider how to update their marketing and monetization policy to keep up with the times.

Today studies show that young Americans and those, who have a better level of income use smartphones more frequently than their fellow citizens. Moreover, studies show that almost 11% of all Americans use their smartphones as the one and only source of the Internet. These solid facts cause new challenges and problems for any ad-supported publisher.


As practice shows, smartphones have quite low conversion rates. This signifies that ad buyers spend more on the desktop advertisement rather than on the mobile one. We know that Google is being paid much less for such advertisements. So, the income from advertisements, which appear on your page, decreases while the segment of mobile devices increases. When incorporating your AdSense data into Google Analytics account, you have a chance to monitor your Click Through Rate and Effective Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions, depending on different devices.

Layout Adapting is a big step in ad displaying

Most publishers count on the sidebars to show advertising. But almost all responsive designs replace those sidebars under content while opening page on smartphones.

It is very convenient to use the Google AdSense statistics and reports to make sure that your Active View indices don’t decrease on other devices.

Affiliate Marketing

When using banners and widgets to share affiliate ads on the web pages, you must study them from the point of you of mobile customers, to check their adequate visibility.

M-commerce influences affiliates directly, making their shopping experience, offered by their partners, more sophisticated.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google-backed project for publishers to increase the speed of website loading when using mobile devices. It is a brand new project; so if you decide to use it now, make sure to monitor ad display and statistics on your AMP pages.

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