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2017 14/02

What does new mobile search index from Google carries for us?

SEO tactics and strategies seem to be changed in the nearest future. The way we use it today may appear to be of no use considering mobile search index changes already announced by Google. However, it does not mean that you will not be able to deliver an award-winning mobile users’ experience without any unnecessary attention from Google. Here are some useful tips to make both sides happy.

Go Mobile Together with Your Website

Your website is supposed to be mobile-optimized. You can do it using several methods. Some developers prefer building a separate version of their web resource that is mobile device oriented. You may use subdomains to host your new website version. However, this solution will hardly fit you in case you do not have a chance to come up with additional development. Another method includes introducing a responsive design letting your website fit all necessary browser dimensions as well as device screen size and more. Whatever method you choose, the Google will be aware of the fact that your particular website is mobile friendly.

Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Developers may benefit form an efficient tool provided by Google. The idea is to let you fix all the issues that prevent your website from being mobile friendly. The tool comes up with some useful suggestions and resources to be implemented in the console in addition to mobile issues. All you need is to launch the tool and it will display all possible errors and alerts you need to fix. Moreover, you will benefit from additional insights that highlight the information on how your web resource “feels” within the index.

Content Always Matters

Google’s main concern is to create a user-friendly Internet environment that features useful content only. In other words, you will hardly gain high ranking when stripping out any valuable data from your website aiming at delivering its faster load. New mobile ranking algorithms were designed to crawl the content available on the mobile website version ensuring its value for the end user as well as for the search engine.

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