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2016 29/12

Why ‘active users’ parameter is a part of vanity metrics

In fact, ‘active’ is a synonym of a vanity metric. For example, Daily or Monthly Active Users (DAU/MAU) belong to the metrics when customers are marked as ‘active’ and the online activity demonstrates the positive tendency. By comparison, ‘inactive’ user state has the opposite meaning and stands for the negative online activity.

NOTE: Active and inactive states should be evaluated as the part of the certain context.

Let’s explore these user states in detail…

‘Active’ is a type of made-up metrics conveying the customer success and realizing the value of the action. This user state often relates to in-app activity where ‘logins’ belong to the major commands.

‘Inactive’ is quite simply the end of user experience what stops bringing any value. Unless you can get by with the email only.

But you know, some people associate ‘inactive’ with not using some of the desired features within the context. Thus, the context is nothing but an essential part of the online content.

Here are some of the useful hints…

  • Login makes no sense

You need to enter the login to get access to the app, but the same action taken out of the context does not deliver any value. Keep in mind that numerous logins, as well as in-app activity can be a signal that your users have difficulties of working with the system…

  • More clear definition of ‘active’

Considering your app activity, you should figure out which activity pattern suits the desired value the most. It should not necessarily be the real-time analysis within the user cohorts, but most likely some extra leads should be added, scored, emailed or marked as ‘won’.

  • Pursuing the expected outcome

A customer marked as ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ without consideration of the context can cause additional inconveniences, including waste of time and resources, as well as ignorance of possible threats. But if you are familiar with the initial purposes, which are oriented on the ‘active’ users and are aimed to reach certain productivity, then the tag was given correctly.

When the value is there, you should demonstrate the desired outcome.

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